South Park Online Slot Review

Thanks to and similar websites, we believe that the popularity of online casinos and betting in general has sky-rocketed. However, not all people are interested in all fields of online casinos: some are interested in poker only, or blackjack, and some are interested in slots. Now, slots usually have a theme going on, and today we are going to analyze one of the popular slots – the South Park slots.

We all know South Park is a great TV show, but have you ever tried the online casino slot? Well, it’s about time you did because it is excellent in all departments: graphics, gameplay, and above all, bonuses. The game was developed by NetEnt, it has 25 paylines and 5 reels. It doesn’t have a progressive jackpot and you have to be quite patient with this slot to make big winnings. It has a great RTP though: 96.69%.

The basics

The minimum bet per spin is 25p and it goes up to $125 if you feel lucky and/or skilled enough to gamble this kind of money. There are 4 bonus games named after the main characters of the show: Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny. Let’s see what each bonus round has to offer to all excited players.

The Kyle bonus

Whenever this symbol comes up, you get 10 free spins. In this bonus game you have to keep an eye out for 2x or 10x multipliers and for the baby Ike wild symbol on reel 5. The best case scenario is to hit the 10x multiplier on every spin and you can win 300x your stake. In real money, this means thousands of pounds. If you bet the maximum amount, the biggest prize is £37,500.

The Cartman bonus

In this round, Cartman is searching for hidden hippies in the bushes. You will have 8 bushes to choose from and here are the possible scenarios: real money, a 2x multiplier, a bonus symbol, a warning symbol or a game over symbol. Be wary of police officers because if they catch you twice, the bonus round is over. You can win 5000x your stake adding up to a total of £625,000 if you place the maximum bet.

The Stan bonus

You get 10 free spins during which you can get 2 more if sticky wilds appear on the screen. The max payout is quite small, only 30x your stake adding up to a total jackpot of $3,750 for a maximum bet per spin.

The Kenny bonus

And last, we have poor Kenny who is in danger and has 3 lives. You have to take him through the Multiplier, Danger and Win zones. The Win gives you money, the Danger takes one of Kenny’s lives and the Multiplier… well, it multiplies your stake. The maximum payout is £69,500 if you bet the maximum amount for every spin.