5 Cool Card Games Around the World

Card games have always been extremely popular and each culture has sort of invented its own games that can be played with one or two decks of cards. This concept has gradually evolved and now we even have trading card games, which are centered around a different set of rules where each card has a unique effect or value. Collectible card games players are always looking for new cards to improve their odds of winning. Here we will go over some of the coolest card games that are available around the World.

Uno/Macau (Hungary)

Uno is a popular card game in the US and all over the world, but it was actually created as an adaptation of Macao. Macao is a card game from Hungary and it is played with a regular deck of cards. It’s just that a lot of cards have specific abilities, and the element of surprise plays an important role. It’s very fun and frustrating at times, and it’s not too difficult to learn, so anyone who has a deck of cards can play it. 

Yu-Gi-Oh (Japan)

This card game was created in Japan by Konami, but the original author of the manga is the one who came up with the rules. It was just called duel monsters at the time, but over the years it became one of the most popular CCG in the world. Although it was initially imagined as a game for kids, it eventually became so complex that it is really difficult to keep track of what’s going on if you are not familiar with the rules. 

Each player takes turns but somehow both players are active during either of the turns because there are a lot of interruption and negation effects. It’s not really beginner-friendly, but if you take time to learn it you will realize just how fun and competitive it can be.  

Magic The Gathering (US) 

Created by Wizards of the Coast, MTG has been around since the 90s, and it’s often been associated with geek culture. This is another very interesting card game that has to do with resource management and strategy. Players have to use lands to generate 5 different types of mana in order to play spells or summon monsters. Each mana type is associated with different types of magic, and they all have a unique theme. Some of the popular and professional poker players of today actually started out by playing Magic The Gathering. 

Sources of Magic (Izvori Magije Serbia)

The game pretty much mimics Magic The Gathering, with a few fun twists that really change the whole dynamic of play and deck building. Core principles and themes are basically the same, it’s just that creatures and spells are taken from Slavic mythology and culture.  

Gwent (Poland) 

Gwent was created as a part of The Witcher video game, and now it has become its own separate thing. The game mimics the battlefield or clash between two armies, and each player is a general. You basically need to win 3 battles with forces you have at your disposal, so you need to think strategically about how you are going to organize your forces in order to come on top.