Pick a Brand and Get the Card You Need Most

Playing cards are certainly an inseparable part of any house or a family that loves this kind of game. Fortunately, those who use playing cards during their pastime do not need to set aside a lot of money to afford high-quality card decks. Yet, there is a slight difference between the materials the cards are made of, the flexibility, the durability of colour, picture, and structure, as well as the practicality of use. If you are a fan of playing cards, these are the brands you should consider for your next card purchase.

KEM Arrow Playing Cards

This card brand is available on Amazon, and it comes in a package of two decks – red and blue. Kem cards are standard poker-size and made of cellulose acetate plastic, which stands for the mixture of paper and plastic. These ingredients make the cards flexible and strong, which makes the cards almost unbreakable. What makes them unique is that they are the best buy for that price.

Bicycle Playing Cards

If you decide to pay little for the decks, then Bicycle playing cards are a perfect choice for you. They are simple in design and suitable for games like Poker, Canasta, Pinochle, Blackjack, Go Fish, and such. They are made of paper and layered by a special air cushion which provides unforgettable ease of handling and shuffling. The decks come in two separate boxes and in two colours – red and blue.

Copag 1546 Cards

These plastic cards are suitable for players of any age – kids, teens, or adults. The PVC plastics keep the cards durable, yet they give you an authentic feeling when you touch them. The good thing about these cards is that they are water-proof and liquid-proof, and, therefore, they can be cleaned once they get dirty.  The decks are black and gold, and, thanks to their production technology, they can last 50 times longer than paper cards.

TTCamazingcrafts Art Deco Playing Cards

If your focus is on the cards’ design, this brand is the right choice for you. This can also be a perfect gift for someone who enjoys historical figures since the pictures on these cards are inspired by famous historical people. What adds to the luxury feel is the golden lining at the edge of the cards. The decks are dark blue, and the cards are thick and sturdy.

Jumbo Oversized Playing Cards

If you lack humour and fun while playing cards with your friends and family, you definitely need Jumbo Playing cards. The decks are two times larger than the standard size and very simple in design. Each card is clear coated for extra durability. What makes them unique is their variety of use – they can come in handy during carnivals, party decorations, game nights, school plays, and performances.

Maverick Standard Playing Cards

This brand is good for the games of Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Hearts, Blackjack, and such. The cards go in 12 decks – 6 red decks and 6 blue decks. They are made of paper, yet plastic coated, and the target players are adults.