What Are the Most Popular Slot Machines in General?

Video games are popular for almost all ages of people. People play video games on their phones, computers, consoles and even in casinos. Yes, casinos have made use of games, namely slot machines. Nowadays, online casinos are the most accessible for the modern customer, and people who like such games make use of them, particularly with the bonuses such as CasinoLuck Bonus.

Slot machines are shiny and frequently themed and are designed to captivate the attention of the customer. There are a plethora of slot machine games out there, yet there are always some outstanding ones. Here are the most popular slot machine games.

Progressive Slot Machines

This is a type of slot machine. Standard slot machines are nowadays called non-progressive slot machines. Where progressive ones differ, is that they can offer larger prizes, by which the prize pool can be increased. They also feature some kind of story and everybody likes a good narrative. 

Once people hit a couple of paylines, depending on the game, they are sent into a bonus round.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a rather simple slot that keeps a lot of people interested. The team behind this game is Microgaming, which is known for a lot of amazing slot machine games. It is a progressive slot machine, which means that it will also be entertaining, and not just one that tempts people with seven digit numbers.

Game of Thrones

The very popular TV show has its own slot machine game. That should not surprise anybody and fans of the show will be delighted to see familiar faces and symbols return, as they spin and give them an opportunity to progress. Microgaming is basically making most of the popular slot machines, which comes as no surprise. 


Cleopatra is an old title in the world of slot machines. It seems rather simple nowadays, with its 2D graphics and a design which has aged, but not as much as people think. It is still one of the most played slots around. It was one of those games that revolutionized the scene, adding bonus spins. Bonus spins multiply the prize by three. This game was developed by IGT and remains a classic, played to this day.

Wheel of Fortune

The original Wheel of Fortune was released in 1996, by IGT. It is one of those games that also revolutionized slot machines. It also has a bonus round, one which can lead to progressive jackpots. Like most games, getting the bonus round requires betting more coins.

These are the world’s most popular slot machine games. There are more of them, thousands more, but these ones are the most played. Some of them have even changed slots and sent them in a new direction.