Poker Face and Poker Hand – The Steps to Becoming a Professional Poker Player

Poker has been a widely popular card game all around the world. The beauty of the game lies in its various versions such as Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, High/Low Chicago, Follow the Queen, 5-Card Draw, and 7-Card Stud. The players who play all of these poker versions online can also enjoy the fun that the Pokerstars Bonus has to offer. Those who are completely new to the game, and who want to learn more, or even to become a professional poker player, can follow these highly recommended steps.

Do some research on the poker versions and try to understand the rules

Since there are various different versions of Poker, try to find the kind of game which suits you most. Google, observe, try to remember the rules, and associate all of it with your own way of thinking and with your strong points. Feel free to talk to professionals who earn a living in that way, and try to follow their pieces of advice. Be prepared to film your games and to receive the reviews so as to bring your game to a new level.

Play by the rules

Once you decide on the version of Poker you want to master, try to understand the rules to the full. There are some basics you need to master first which apply to all the games. The basics include drawing hands, ranges, pot odds, fold equity, independent chip modeling, and expected value.

Practice, practice, practice

The more you play poker, the more skillful you will become at it. The more you practice, the more aware you will be of your weak and strong points. Once you become comfortable with one table, you can play two or three tables simultaneously. It is important for you to improve your skills gradually, as well as to start with minimum wage.

Select your hands carefully

The choice of a right hand can make the odds work for you. At least, this is something professional poker players differ from beginners. Our warmest recommendation for you is to go with premium hands in the beginning, keep the marginal hands for the late position, and be aware of your opponents’ moves.

Bluffing – the manner and timing are important

This is definitely a skill of a professional, and you shouldn’t let your face or your reactions betray you. In Poker, the most exciting games are the ones when the stronger players feel the insecurity of weaker players and act like they found prey.  That is why you should start playing poker with weaker opponents first to learn how to recognize the vibe between the opponents.

Stay physically and mentally fit

As a professional poker player, it wouldn’t be easy for you to sit still for several hours without a single emotional reaction. That is why professional players need to take care of their physical activity, their nutrition, and their lifestyle to stay fresh, sharp, and prepared for the game. You should also work on your inner psychological state, as not to expose the weak points of your being.